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People say that RAUL S. ROCO (1941-2005) could have been the best Philippine president we ever had. He exemplified honor, honesty, and hard work in public service as Education Secretary (2001-2002), as Senator (1992-2001), and as Representative, 2nd District, Camarines Sur (1987-1992).

He believed in the young Filipinos especially in the young Bikolanos. He saw them as shoots that could thrive fully and work for a great country with a great people if given the opportunity to do concrete things.

He was an active reformist since his younger years. He loved changing things for the best while fighting for the right at all cost. He always said that dreams for his beloved country, like hope, must not die.

Like all great men, he died without realizing his dreams for our country. Yet, “dreams never die,” his legacy will continue as long as young Filipinos particularly the young Bikolanos believe in making “a creative people in a self-reliant nation, united under one God” a living reality as he envisioned it to be. Then like him, generations of Filipinos can dream on, hope on and live on.


The Raul Roco Youth Achievement Awards (RSRYAA) has the following objectives:

1. To honor Raul S. Roco for sowing the seeds of change and in believing that the Filipino is honorable, honest, and hardworking,

2. Recognize the role of the youth in nation-building. He often said that “the youth is called to serve their country not tomorrow but today.” They should involve themselves and participate actively in the affairs of the country.

3. The winners will serve as role models of leadership in community service. The impact of cooperation in implementing a solution to a particular problem affecting their community should result to social transformation in the area they have chosen to serve.

It is for these reasons that the Raul S. Roco Foundation, Inc. together with the City Government of Naga, seeks to recognize the contribution of youth groups in the Bikol Region, whose achievements of service for the common good have been inspired by Raul S. Roco’s ideals and vision.


Eligibility – Any youth group, ages 15 to 25, who are school-based, church-based, barangay based, or organized out-of-school youth, officially endorsed by their school head, parish priest, barangay captain, DSWD respectively, regardless of number of members, religion, social status, ethnicity, and ideology are qualified to participate.

Criteria – evaluation shall be based on the following:

40% - Substance of Service – the degree of uniqueness/originality of programs/projects/activities to the community

30% - Impact of Performance – the extent the programs/projects/activities benefited the community

30% - Cohesiveness of Action – the level to which group members positively influenced each other
Timeline – only existing programs/projects/activities for at least six (6) months prior to October 26 of each year shall be qualified. The youth groups are encouraged to focus on identified problems in their community that they have decided to act on solving.

April 26 Deadline for Submission of Applications.
May 26 Announcement of Qualifiers.
August 26 Announcement of 10 Semi-Finalists.
September 26 Interview and Final Judging of the 5 Finalists.
October 26 Awards Night of the 5 Winners.


1. All Finalists will receive a trophy designed by National Artist Salvador Bernal
2. The Best Youth Group will receive a cash prize of P50,000.00
3. Consolation Prizes of P10,000 each for the four (4) Finalists

Application Forms

Application Forms are available at the following:

Iriga City : Office of Student Affairs, University of Saint Anthony
Legaspi City : Legaspi City Tourism Office
Sorsogon City: Office of Student Affairs, Sorsogon State College
Naga City and Camarines Sur:

Raul S. Roco Library, City Hall Compound, J. Miranda Avenue, Naga City (Landline: (054)472-70-95/email: raulroco_library@yahoo.com ),
Student Affairs offices of Universidad De Santa Isabel, Ateneo De Naga University, University of Nueva Caceres, offices of barangay captain in Naga City, or download all pertinent documents at www.naga.gov.ph/library website.

The RSRYAA Awards Night will be held every Raul S. Roco Day (October 26), starting year 2007, and every year thereafter in Naga City.

Board of Evaluators/Judges

The Board of Evaluators/Judges shall be composed of persons of integrity, credibility, and competence from the following sectors:

Two (2) from the Raul S. Roco Foundation, Inc.
Two (2) from the City Government of Naga/Government Agency
Two (2) from the Non-Government Organization
Two (2) from the Business Sector
Two (2) from the Print/TV/Broadcast Media

The chairperson shall be elected from among themselves.

The decision of the Board of Judges is final.

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