Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Enot na Bulalo ni Jun Balde

From Jun Balde

Please be sure to come. You will be in good company. We have sent invitations to homes for the aged, associations of senior citizens, caregivers’ clubs, Phil. Veterans Association, Phil Undertakers Association, and select memorial homes and memorial parks. Due to the type of crowd we expect, appropriate amenities shall be provided, such as racks for wigs, glasses for false teeth, adult diapers, hearing aids, magnifying glasses, etc. Wheel chairs, stretchers and canes are available at very affordable rental rates. An ambulance will be on standby. In case of furtuitous events, a cortege is on call. The launch area will be lighted with candles. The air will be scented with frankincense. And music will be provided by monks singing Gregorian chants. The program will start with a novena for our dearly departed and for those who are already on the pre-departure stages. Food will comprise chiefly of porridge, boiled oatmeal and mashed potato. Gerber for adults will be on sale. Please notify us in advance if you have food preference, say if you are a vegetarian, humanitarian or a cannibal. Discount coupons for memorial plans will be raffled off.

If you take all of the above seriously, then the more reason for you to attend, because the book is full of such preposterous and inane propositions.

See you at the book launch on FRIDAY, 6-8 pm , OCTOBER 16, 2009 at NATIONAL BOOK STORE, GLORIETTA 5, MAKATI CITY .

Sa SM Naga, mababakal naman an mga libro kan gurang na oragon!

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Hi, I know that this is an old post but I was just wondering -- would you happen to know how I can get in touch with Mr. Jun Balde? An email, perhaps? I would like to use excerpts of his poem for a book project. And I would like to ask his permission for this.

More power to you and thank you.

Russell Molina (russmolina@gmail.com)