Friday, February 10, 2006


Si Rudy Alano, Ako, si Gode the Great asin si Esting Jacob.


Geraldine said...

hi christian! May sinusurat akong thesis about bikol poetry. Inaadalan ko ang mga gibo nindo na esting, jason, mam cely, asin nery. Ok lang na mag e-mail ako saimo pag may mga clarifications manungod sa poetry mo?

Kristian S. Cordero said...

ok geraldine email mo ko sa

kadunong said...

Dear Kristian,

I've been reading your blog for quite a while now. I am so proud that Bikol Literature is finally getting recognized.

I am an old friend of Ben Escoto and I read in one of your pieces a mention of his name. Do you have his contact info?

My name is Cynthia, a Bikolana based in Los Angeles. Ben was part of a group we formed ages ago called Kadunong. Back when we were still students at Bicol University.

Salamat asin Dios mabalos,